We have a dedicated team of higly experienced & motivated faculty which imparts training using innovative methods. This team of professionals is constantly upgrading the curriculum and modules to provide latest skills and knowledge to the students. From time to time visiting faculty who specialise in various industry fields are invited to conduct workshops and lectures at the institute. They all share the JDTI ideology of - if you can't make jewellery, you can't design jewellery and hence train the students through rigorous practical and theoretical programmes.

Our journey since 1999 has been made memorable due to the contribution of all our esteemed faculty who have enriched the students and the institute with their knowledge, expertise and dedication.

  • Mr. Michael Boy (Germany)
  • Ms. Reena Thakur
  • Ms. Archana Gujral
  • Mr. Vijay Srinavasan
  • Mr. Vinai Kumar
  • Mr. Keshab Sengupta
  • Ms. Nandini K. Sahwney
  • Ms. Paridhi Sahai
  • Mr. S.R Schroeder (Germany)
  • Ms. Sangeeta Dewan
  • Dr. Shekhar Vashishta
  • Ms. Archana M.Ranney
  • Ms. Smita Singh Rawal
  • Ms. Vandana Sen Gupta
  • Mr. Manish Khattar
  • Ms. Tishta Gambhir
  • Ms. Pooja Bhargava
  • Ms. Ritu Malik
  • Ms. Nidhi Sharma
  • Ms. Pallavi Gandhi
  • Mr. Krishan Ahuja
  • Ms. Namita Sharma
  • Ms. Jasleen Trehan
  • Ms. Suchitra Dalal
  • Ms. Chaista Prakash
  • Ms. Preeta Agarwal

Jewellery Design & Technology Institute (JDTI)